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4 nights | March 28-April 1, 2022

lead with love


A fast track to layout your company structure, culture, strategy and leadership skills to hire efficiently and plan for intentional growth. All combined with mindset work, heart centered focus, and community connection. 

castro valley, california

Ready to to ignite that power within you to become the intentional, compassionate, and focused leader your team and community deserve?

You want to build your dream team and foster positive company culture, but you don't feel like you have the tools and know-how to really make it happen.

You'd love to think of yourself as a leader, but you can't help but feel inadequate.

but you feel like you are doing more work hiring someone and you're terrified of getting taken advantage of and wasting money.

you've tried to build a team and hire before

You feel like your income, energy levels and motivation have plateaued.

you are freaking burnt out doing everything yourself

Does any of this sound familiar

was designed for business owners like you — the ones with big dreams, and big hearts — who are ready to commit to step into their CEO leadership role with confidence and make greater impact in their community and dream team

the lead with love retreat

If that sounded relatable, then you'll want to keep reading.

Being a leader is freaking hard! As my business boomed I knew I couldn't do it alone. I jumped into building a dream team...but the experience hasn't been all that dreamy. There were many mistakes and great learning experiences...and still are. Building a team is scary and not an easy task and I know it is one of the top things that stops people from scaling their business. For years I hired blindly with little heart and know how. I found by leading with love and having a clear strategy led me to build the community and team of my dreams — and now? I'm ready to provide an experience for you to do the same.

nice to meet you

I'm the host of this epic retreat

My name is Dana Shular

I'm in!

→ You feel uncertain about your potential as a team leader. All the mind junk is saying "Am I really cut out for this? Maybe I'm better off as a lone wolf."

→ You're craving change and growth — you know you and your business are capable of great things — but you feel directionless.

→ You get the sense that your peers, employees, and clients aren't totally loyal to your brand. Sure, they like your work — but are they advocating for you behind the scenes?

→ You feel overwhelmed and lost when it comes to the most efficient process of building the team you dream of

This retreat is for you if...

But this experience isn't for anyone.

- Shelby Mousley

I went in with the expectation that I was going to figure it all out at this retreat
...and I did

- Ashlynn Shelby

It was so great to see everyone together, and encourage each other, and lift each other up

The less likely it will be that you'll create a motivated, enthusiastic dream team, and the further you'll stray from the exciting, positive company culture you've been longing for.

the more isolated you will become

The longer you wait to start stepping into your leadership role with love & strategy

When you attend the Lead With Love Retreat, you'll learn how to open yourself up to your best future, take control of your mindset, and foster a one-of-a-kind community with compassion at its core. Receive expert guidance from industry leaders in best hiring practices, team management, building company culture, and doing it all with compassion as your driving force.

it doesn't have to be that way

You're ready to be celebrated & hyped up by the best of the best boss babes

You care deeply about the experiences you provide my clients, friends, and peers — You want them to always feel comfortable and cared for around me

You find yourself fantasizing about running a efficient, passionate, cohesive team within my business

You'd love to be the boss that everyone enjoys working for and feels loyal too

You recognize the importance of leading with kindness and love as a business owner, and it means a lot to you that people think of you as a compassionate individual

This experience
      for you if...


You're ready to work through that mindset junk that is preventing you to level up to the best version of yourself



The founder and CEO of Meg K and Co, which is a hiring agency for socially conscious businesses. Before her life running her agency and advising entrepreneurs on their hiring strategy, Meg was a high school French teacher and a 3rd grade teacher. Meg is based in Chicago, Illinois with her spouse, fur baby, and human toddler. 

megan baker | hiring queen

The founder and CEO of Paradigm Consulting, the go-to People Operations resource for six-figure+ online business owners ready to protect, streamline, and scale their businesses. With a decade of experience in People Operations in the corporate world, she is no stranger to the sensitive issues involved in the human side of running a business. There’s a lot to learn from hiring, onboarding, training, and managing the performance of over 500 employees for a multimillion dollar business.
 Kira is based in San Diego, California and is  a dog lover, wine drinker, iced coffee addict, and pretend vitamin taker.

kira la forgia | hr queen

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stalk kira!

You will have the exclusive opportunity only offered to retreat members to potentially work with both Kira and Meg to really implement those next steps to secure that first hire and continue your leadership growth.

the next steps...

Mindful Mornings & Evenings with Dana
From refreshing to reflective to deep mindset work we will be guiding you to make your vision come to life and to bring forward those blocks preventing you from getting there. This will include yoga, meditations, group mindset work and hot seats. 

→  Company Strategy Intensive with Kira 
The not so fun stuff about team building is about to get fun! You will be able to see your company come to life in a whole new light. As you are guided through company structure, company culture, org charts, leadership, and more!

→  Hiring Masterclass with Megan
With clarity of your first hire you will be guided on the best practices of the recruiting and hiring process, so you feel confident and hire the right person to get you to your fulfilled business.


A gorgeous, relaxing drive through the natural beauty of California takes you to the front door of a stunning Airbnb. Luggage in tow, you knock on the door and listen to the excited laughter and chatter coming from inside. You're welcomed in with smiles and hugs, and immediately you can feel the eager energy in the room. For the next three days, you're in a state of both mindfulness and focus — the feeling of relentless, genuine support you feel from the group is unparalleled. Mornings are spent holding steamy cups of tea and whispering at the table as the sun rises, and slowly awakening your mind and body with meditative yoga. The days are spent strategizing, dreaming and bursting through the limits of what you and your companies potential could be. You stay up late dancing wildly, laughing until your stomach hurts and your eyes water, sharing stories and struggles. Days pass in the blink of an eye — you break through walls you didn't know existed, recognize your power to be an impactful leader, and begin envisioning a clear path to grow greatly!

Imagine this ... 

and we'll have fun along the way

apply now

4 night stay 

delish 3 meals a day

mindset workshops by Dana

company strategy intensive by Kira

hiring masterclass by meg

Exclusive hr & hiring service from Paradigm consulting & mEGKCO


or 2 payments of $1,600


Frequently asked questions

is this for all different entrepreneurs?


Yes! We have done photography specific retreats in the past, but this specific retreat can benefit all small business owners and entrepreneurs. 

What if i am not qualified?


We have another retreat called Embracing You that is hosted throughout the year. If you are not at the level to potentially grow a team we recommend attending that life giving retreat! 



This retreat will benefit those who have a validated offer and the income to invest into hiring a team member. Often people do not feel ready and try to do it by themselves as long as possible until they are so burnt out they don't even have the energy to hire. We want to be there to prepare you for growth! If you are not sure if you are ready go ahead and submit an application or DM us on instagram @ascendtogether. 

what if i already have hired or a have team members?


If you have not gone through an experience to lay out your company values and strategy in detail and worked closely with an HR consultant then this may not be the right fit for you. If you haven't laid all of this out yet with a professional this is your chance to get it done in an efficient and focused way!

past retreat experiences

Yes! I'm ready!

Are you ready to lead with love?