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Alone, we are only capable of so much. But when we support one another, and open ourselves up to community, we can become the best, happiest, most successful versions of ourselves. We can make more impact together!

what it means to ascend together

With community, compassion, and education for all at its core, Ascend Together Academy was designed for business owners of all walks of life, at every stage in their professional journey. Especially, to freaking party with people who genuinely celebrate you and lift you up!

community, compassion & education

Despite the thousands of dollars I myself had invested in my education, I still felt dissatisfied with the resources available to business owners in my position ā€” nothing felt quite right. The learning style, format, and value just didn't align with my ambitions, and I had a feeling there were plenty of others in the same position I was in. So, I took things into my own hands. I created something unheard of in the industry: a high-touch, all-inclusive group coaching program ā€” The Ascend Together Academy. The success the program and its members had was incredible. My hard work paid off, and the program members experienced the transformation and success I promised them. So, what did I do next? I retired and became a professional surfer. JK! I expanded the Academy. Once I recognized just how valuable comprehensive, high-value education was through ATAP, I created educational tools, programs, and resources that suited every type of business owner. 

I took things into my own hands

Hey there, I am Dana! I am the founder of Ascend Together Co, an All-inclusive Elopement company and Ascend Together Academy an education platform for heart on fire entrepreneurs...all while mothering 5 kids!

A few years ago, I decided to grow my photography business - and I jumped in head first!
When I say head first, I mean it. Iā€™m talking 30 weeks pregnant with my third child, and doing 10+ portfolio shoots between San Francisco, Tahoe, and Yosemite in a matter of months. (It was...exhausting... to say the least!) 

That hard work paid off and jumpstarted me to have a successful photography business, which then poured into my passion of coaching. Now my photography business has turned into two! All-inclusive Elopement service and High-Touch Coaching!

I am passionate about lighting hearts on fire and fire under butts! And proud of our inclusive, compassionate, and celebratory community!



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