designed to create deep community connections, transform mindset, and develop personalized strategy for an intentional, aligned business.

In-person experiences


Mindset coaching

Valuable, tangible take-away resources

Relentless support and community-building tools

grubbin' meals

Luxurious lodging

Masterclasses from industry experts

One-on-one coaching opportunities

Retreats were designed to offer life-changing experiences and tools to become powerful, valuable leaders in their industry. With all Ascend Together retreats you can expect


We offer two recurring retreats at Ascend Together Academy

happy screaming, emotional breakthroughs, deep late-night conversations, and hushed morning reflections. 

prepare your mind for

Coming 2024

More than just aesthetics and grand locations, it's an opportunity to learn how to storytell a full purpose-filled elopement day as a whole and strategically set-up your business to support the experience for future aligned clients. 
Learn how to spread love and light both internally and externally in your work through your actions and your words. At this retreat, you can expect to become a caring, aligned, and effective leader who understands the importance of leading their work with love. 

Are you ready to step into your CEO role?

elopement photographer



The Embracing You Retreat is a place for you to discover newfound confidence, cultivate your individuality, and use it to become the best, most empowered business owner you can be. 

Self-love, support, and personal growth are at the core of this experience.

There may not be party poppers and acrobats, but this is an event dedicated entirely to you — At the Embracing You Retreat, you're the guest of honor. Join business owners and industry experts from across the nation for a multi-day experience of self-growth and mindset transformation, accompanying you on your journey to Embracing You. 

Prepare to be celebrated!

Embracing You


- Alicia

Dana is the best coach, and her team is just as amazing. The community is incredible and I’ve made some forever friendships because of it.

If you’re even slightly considering it, DO IT.

Lasting connections and lifelong support

Valuable tools needed to scale your biz, grow your team, and become an integral figure in your community

Clarity regarding your future direction — both personally and professionally

New besties, and a full heart!

Mindset practices to encourage balance, focus, and proactivity

Increased sense of confidence in yourself, your work, and your support system

Are you ready to walk away with some serious gains?

Do you lift bro  

transformations & dramatic, sexy slo-mos


fresh air & sunrise coffee chats


gourmet meals & morning tea


Emotional breakthroughs & uncontrollable giggles


Empowerment & Overwhelming self-love


Get a sense of what it's like to Ascend Together. 

- Shelby Mousley

I went in with the expectation that I was going to figure it all out at this retreat
...and I did

- Ashlynn Shelby

It was so great to see everyone together, and encourage each other, and lift each other up

ready, boss?

It's about to get real successful up in here