You have the power within you to do great things, and it's time for you to embrace and cultivate it. At the Embracing You Retreat, you can actualize your vision, cultivate confidence, and embrace the most empowered, bold, and intentional version of yourself.

The Embracing you retreat

4 NIGHTS | november 7-11
san diego, california


I am overworked and overwhelmed with running my business to the point where I am losing the passion I once had. I want to fix this, but I don't know where to begin

I'm burnt out

Running a business can feel isolating at times. I'd love to feel confident and empowered, but the support system just isn't there for me.

i'm in need of an awesome community

I know I am this multi-passionate talented person, but I feel like I am just in this box of doing what everyone else is in the industry. I know I could do more, but don't know what that is. 

I want to stand out and make my mark

Does any of this sound familiar

I have so many things to do I don't know what is the most needle moving towards my big vision I have for my business. I feel like I just never have the time to just sit down and figure it out. 


was created to help business owners like you fall head-over-heels for themselves — empowering them to be their best, do their best, and feel their best.

The Embracing You Retreat

If that sounded relatable, then you'll want to keep reading.

As a 6-figure CEO, community leader, and educator, I know personally just how essential self-love is to running a successful business. When our own cup is filled, it's so much easier to fill other's — that's why I've created the Embracing You Retreat, and made you the guest of honor. 

I'm the gal behind Ascend Together Academy

My name is Dana Shular

nice to meet you

let's welcome the guest of honor

we have some amazing people to support you on this journey

Breakthrough the fear that comes from being behind the camera and learn how to cultivate confidence in yourself through self-portraiture. The Queen Abbey herself will guide you on how to bring out and see the beauty in yourself and allow that confidence to magnify throughout your brand!

ABBEY ANDERSON | Editorial photographer



→ Feeling like that spark that was once in you has been stomped upon by the stress & overwhelm of running business and don't know how to get out of it!

→ Wondering if there is more to you than just photography. "What greater impact can I have?"

→ Feeling as if you've fallen out of love with your work to an extent. You want to feel the same passion you did when you first started out, but you're not sure where to get started.

→ Struggling with your self-esteem to any capacity, and looking for ways to boost your self-love and confidence.

This retreat is for you if are...

But this experience isn't for anyone.

- Shelby Mousley

I went in with the expectation that I was going to figure it all out at this retreat
...and I did

- Ashlynn Shelby

It was so great to see everyone together, and encourage each other, and lift each other up

You're ready to be celebrated & hyped up by the best of the best boss babes

You recognize the importance of investing in yourself, your education, and your brand. You're ready to put in the work and see real, impactful results.

You're driven to be your best self. Not only for yourself, but for your clients, your loved ones, and your business.

You understand the importance of self-love and happiness (especially as a business owner) but you need some help getting there and staying there! 

You care deeply about your business, and you understand that it's time to commit to doing everything you can to support its success.


This experience
      for you if...

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masterminding session

self-portraiture workshop WITH 4 UNIQUE SETS with abbey 


2 payments of $1,300


so let's talk numbers



Your heart is re-ignited, you confidence is renewed, and you've made deep community connections. Say goodbye to your past self and say Hello, to a new you!




What's a vision if it doesn't come to life? We help you re-align your offers and business model. Then create high level year and quarter goals. Along with creating an actionable 90 day plan. We end our last night together with dancing & gratitude blitz!




Discover self-love through a full day self-portraiture werkshop by Abbey Anderson, Creative Editorial Photographer. Get ready to fall in love with your amazing self!



Self Portraiture

The deep mindset work begins where we tap into your vision, impact, & passion and work through what is stopping you from making it a reality.




It's a chill day where you settle in your room and meet with other retreaters. We will end the night with intention setting & meditation to start it off with a bang!




See how each day will get you to your next transformational chapter!

retreat breakdown

A gorgeous, relaxing drive through the natural beauty of California takes you to the front door of a stunning Airbnb. Luggage in tow, you knock on the door and listen to the excited laughter and chatter coming from inside. You're welcomed in with smiles and hugs, and immediately you can feel the eager energy in the room. For the next three days, you're in a state of both self-appreciation and bliss — the feeling of relentless, genuine support you feel from the group is unparalleled. Daily yoga and meditation take you to a place of relaxation and reflection, and you suddenly feel deeply at ease and appreciative of yourself. You stay up late dancing wildly, laughing until your stomach hurts and your eyes water, sharing stories and struggles. Mornings are spent holding steamy cups of tea and whispering at the table as the sun rises, and slowly awakening your mind and body with meditative yoga. Days pass in the blink of an eye — you break through walls you didn't know existed, recognize and grow to love new qualities of your own, and begin envisioning and actualizing a future in which you love yourself deeply and without pause.

Imagine this ... 

and we'll have fun along the way

You will the have the opportunity to be invited to our group coaching program to build out the systems to support your offer and your business as a whole. Creating a delegatable business model to scale and create more freedom and impact.


→ Mindful Mornings & Evenings

From refreshing to reflective to deep mindset work we will be guiding you to make your vision come to life and to bring forward those blocks preventing you from getting there. This will include yoga, meditations, group mindset work and hot seats. 

→Self Portraiture Workshop with Abbey

Be a model for a day in a non scary way! Get ready to be radiating with confidence and feel empowered through creative self-portraiture. There is so much power in being a kid again, embracing your whole physical self, and seeing how beautiful you really are! Abbey will guide you through an invigorating confidence led experience!

→Action Plans & Offer Strategy with Dana

Make your vision come to life by creating a strategic plan and action steps to get you there. We help you dig deep into your vision and immerse that into your business experience to stand out and continually fall in love with what you are doing. 

the education


your clients won't receive the luxury experience they deserve, your business will suffer from the lack of TLC and drive, and you'll be stuck feeling less-than-confident in yourself and your career.

so many things suffer the consequences

When you run a business without first embracing and loving yourself,

Frequently asked questions

What photography experience do you need?


We have had people from beginner to advanced come to this retreat. You just need to have a serious business to attend!

are there any payment plans?


Yes! You can pay in full for $2,500 or split it up between 2 payments of $1,300. You can bring a friend and get a discount as well!

is a car service provided from the airport?


No, but we will have a group chat where you can work with others who are going to possibly carpool. You can also schedule a uber in advance to get to the airbnb. We will not be traveling away from the airbnb during the retreat period.

how will this help my business and personal life?


This is a retreat. It is literally a time to retreat from your computer and your busy life and focus on YOU! You investing in this retreat is a gift to yourself that you deserve. When we bring that mega awareness to ourselves we realize just how much power within us to change and grow ourselves. Through mindset intensives, self-portraiture workshop, and masterminding sessions it will be a life changing experience!

Yes! I'm ready!

Are you ready to embrace you?