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Mar 17





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If you haven't figured it out already I have multiple passions beaming from me like the rays of the sun! I don't put myself under one label, because I believe we are all made up of multiple identities that make us unique. I'm ever-changing, and every piece of me intertwines with another — I think it's important for you to get to know them all.


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What would our lives look like if, instead of doing things out of obligation, we always acted from our hearts? How different would the world be if we all prioritized our personal well-being, quality time, and true, meaningful acts of love? Far too often, we do things not because they’re right or good, but because it’s what’s expected of us. But when we turn “the norm” on its head, and embrace the notion of living intentionally and leading with our hearts, something beautiful happens.

This week on the Ascend Together Podcast, I chat with Candace Perkins about what it means to start Trailblazing Your Way to a Fulfilling Life.

Candace is a Utah-based, Americana-inspired photographer. Her time exploring the backcountry corners and hidden history of the Wild West has influenced her rugged, honest, and adventurous creative style. Through her work you can sense her passion for freedom and storytelling, brought to life through artful portraiture and creative storytelling.

And she doesn’t just prioritize those values in her work! Candace is a shining example of leading a fearless, intentional life. In Trailblazing Your Way to a Fulfilling Life, she shares what it means to shake off expectations and lead a life that serves you positively.

The Value of an Elopement Journey

In 2019, Candace and her fiancé (now husband!) planned to have a traditional wedding. They had deposits down for everything, they’d sent out Save The Dates, and they were geared up for a great big wedding shebang.

But eventually, they decided to skip the stress and the drama and elope. Once they made the decision to do things the elopey way, they began studying marriage. They grew closer. They started preparing for marriage, listening to podcasts, and basking in their engagement and the newfound simplicity of planning their big day. Some of their friends and family were upset, some were thrilled for them. In the end, they realized that by choosing to elope, they could more easily see who loved them unconditionally, and they didn’t regret the decision in the slightest. Candace says, “Your wedding is only one day, and your wedding is the rest of your life.” In this episode, she talks in detail about what her elopement looked like, how her and her husband navigated the intricacies of transitioning from traditional wedding to elopement, and how that experience has shaped their marriage.

Why The Present is The Ultimate Present

Both Candace and I have recently had eye-opening experiences about the holidays (all of them). They’ve become so commercialized that it’s easy to find ourselves completely losing sight of what’s important. Instead, we give gifts and run through the motions out of obligation. Our children become entitled, and we become entitled. We place more value on wish lists than quality time. We use Valentine’s day as the one day a year to show appreciation for our partners with, what, a $7 box of chocolates?

That’s why we chat about unconventional ways to break free of the commercialism of holidays, and our personal journeys to realizing what time with loved ones should really look like!

Taking The Road Less Traveled

We can all remember a time we took the road less traveled. The road that really, truly spoke to us. It’s terrifying, oftentimes confusing, but more than anything, it’s freeing.

Candace and I shared with one another how that’s looked in our own lives, and how trailblazing has left a lasting impact on the way we do things. Because when it comes down to it, in order to show up as your best self for your loved ones, your clients, and everyone else you meet, you have to first show up for yourself.

More in This Episode

If you’re itching to hear the honest truth about the reality of eloping, how to prioritize quality time and meaningful holidays, or how to start doing the things the YOU way, you’d better give this one a listen.

To hear the rest of our trailblazing conversation, you can listen to the full episode wherever you get your podcasts.

Now, do yourself a favor and go check out the ever-talented Candace, check out her website at Candace Perkins Photography, or follow her on Instagram!

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